Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Unholy Eyes of Mine

From the first day that I set my unholy eyes on her
I knew I was bound to make love with her
But she had a boyfriend; my friend
The way she played with me
My blood always went on fire
And my man hood could read the emotions
But I held my piece and waited
For the number of days to be fulfilled
And the hint of her fire died in me
But it has been said from the beginning
The 'pisda' that is yours would always be
Even though it tarries it shall always be there
Waiting patiently, till you enjoy the fruit inside

It has been said from old times, that sex is a dangerous emotion
And purely persevered for the wedded couple
But yet, I never waited for such a precious time
But ate the sweetness of such a wonderful fruit
Who shall then save the son of a woman; that I am
Or who shall take me out of this 'pisda' chasing path?
And set my feet upon the righteous way of living
I was told once upon a time by a noble friend
That once a man tastes ‘pisda’ he can never go back
And would always want to eat as many as possible

Yeah, it is true that the skirts are everywhere around
Yet we classical men select our kind of special skirt

I am told that the manhood of a man is a small part of his body
Yet when it goes in, it fulfills all righteous calls of destiny
And it gets the entire full grown man greased and oiled
Sweat pouring out of every available pore of the skin
When there is a big war going under the sheet cover
When the manhood is inside, the whole body is also inside
Oh my God! What is in that little hot wet oval place?
That when a man slides in, his heart goes up in flames
I am a living witness, that a man would not relent
In his unholy chase until he enters into her holy of holies
The joy of sliding into her holy spot is highly unspeakable
And there are no words, to express that gracious feeling
Skin brushing against skin, with no rubber interference
The man hood filling up all the corners of the sweet spot
The moaning and the screaming, heard a million miles away
The special liquid produce, easing the strong friction
With strong satisfactions going in both directional flow
And ecstasy filling up, until there is no more strength
Oh how I really love to be there all the days of my life
This life we live in is nothing but one and now is that time
To enjoy the goodness of the sweetest spot under the Heavens
A man once said that it used to be his favorite home run game
Until the day he saw his sons head pop out of the engine room
The life of a man begins from when he pops out his little head

A sweat beautiful, young aspiring woman once asked me
“What is it about that spot that all men want to go into?
Regardless of whatever age or social statues they may be off
When that spot is where they all came out crying from”
My wonderful reply was “that is the only true worthy place
That a true natural born man, whether sane or insane
Can ever feel truly safe and be fulfilled to the climax
In the bosom of a woman and the manhood at its best job”
In-fact, it is the only known job from the beginning of creation

Dated: 26th July, 2009

Freedom Fighters

Of many times, I have heard people say
I want to lead my people to freedom
I was born a freedom fighter, for my people
I defend the cause of the hopeless
And the plead the case of the oppressed
This is what I am born to do everyday
Lead my people from poverty to glory
From Grass to Grace, want to full

But when these so called fighters
Become leaders, they squander
Plunder, destroy, and killing all
The very people they want to free
And any who stand in their way of progress
In the name of Cleansing and Purification
They take away the lives of their enemies
And put fear in the lives of those they rule

Dated: 24th Nov. 2011

Colours of the Earth

What do you see? Colours of different kinds
Look! Behold the colours of the earth
Oh, how I wish I wasn’t a colour
In which the earth was painted
See what the beauty beholds
For the blind, lame, dumb and deaf
How beautiful and pleasant to see
The colours of life, so pure, so nice
How I wish that the unborn babies
Do not see all these colours I see;
For the colour of the human heart
According to the word of God
Is desperately and wonderfully wicked
I have searched in the depths of man
And found nothing but bitterness and evil
Which has caused me to human thoughts
To see the colours of the earth
In the plants and mammals
In the waters and on land
And to know that in everything
The Earth is a place where men
Paints according to his heart desire

31st Mar. 2004

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Third world countries

Third world countries
Why has thou remained so
What a name? Is it a pride?
Oh leaders of these countries
Behold you keep borrowing
From the first world
Enriching your selfish pockets
While enslaving your people
Leaders, why have thou folded thy arms
Look behold there is hunger
Starvation and abject poverty
Leaders let’s make a change
That the other world would know
That we have a future and a goal

Dated unknown 1999


Again and again, it sits there quietly
Watching and waiting as things moves
Beholding and observing all, as it goes around
Quietly it spins on its very own axis
Caring not about you, I nor them
Onward forever it marches and steps
For not a single minute did it look back!
Without words, without speeches, it moved
Its cry was quite almost as silent as the wind
Yet greatly feared by those who understood
(Man’s time in Earth is measured it)

Written: 10th May 2015